How our Printed Rugs are Made

When crafting your printed rug, our unique designs undergo dye sublimation, seamlessly embedding the inks deep within the fibers of velvet (marbled), ensuring longevity without peeling. Strengthening the foundation, we affix jute to the anti-slip rug sponge base of your custom prints, creating a robust structure. The printed velvet design crowns this foundation, and the edges of your custom-designed rug are meticulously hemmed to achieve a sharp, defined line.

Should you ever need to transport your bespoke rugs, the structured jute layer allows easy rolling without compromising their integrity. The details on personalized rugs are reproduced with precision, exhibiting high-definition colors and expertly rendered fine lines.

Please be aware that, due to the production process, there may be an initial odor emanating from the eco-latex anti-slip base/back of the customized rug. This is a normal occurrence and will dissipate within a few days.