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Quintessentially Dorset


Escape to Dorset through the medium of our prints and blinds, surrounding yourself with it’s rolling hills, dramatic Jurassic coastline, endless stretches of soft, golden sand, vibrant towns, sleepy villages, historic houses, fabulous countryside... Dorset has it all...

Our stunning selection of prints and blinds hold the key to celebrating it’s beauty and diversity, captured and enjoyed forever in your home. Looking at them will conjure up feelings of care-free days, where you feel the warm sand between your toes, the sun on your back, the soft grass under your feet and the welcome feeling of just being...


For me, and I’m sure, for you, too, the most cherished of our special, unforgettable memories are created by those brief fragments in time which money can’t buy and can never be recaptured because...
We will never again be with that same mix of people at that moment;
We will never again experience the same buzz of sharing the same emotions and experiences...
Dorset, for me, is that timeless place which offers something for everyone and creates such memories.


Corfe Castle and village, Dorset Framed Mounted Print Picture - FP112

For me, this framed photo of Corfe Castle, standing proud and standing guard over a quintessentially Dorset village, nestled in the Isle of Purbeck, ticks all of these boxes.
Every time I catch a glimpse of it hanging on my wall, I’m transported back to that warm, balmy, carefree summer’s day, sipping a cool scrumpy Dorset cider, laughing with friends in the beer garden of the Greyhound pub, dwarfed in the shadow of this noble castle, dating back to the time of William the Conqueror in the 11th century and only taken by subterfuge by Cromwellian Roundheads some 6 centuries later.
Framed photographs of such memories are both priceless and timeless.

They are to be displayed, enjoyed, shared and celebrated in our everyday lives, not just stuck on a phone, forgotten.
Our ‘Quintessentially Dorset’ images do just that.




View across the fields at sunset, Gussage All Saints, Dorset Framed Mounted Print Picture - FP108


Portland Bill Light House Sunrise On The Dorset Coast Printed Roller Blind - RB1125


Corfe Castle On A Foggy Autumn Morning Printed Roller Blind - RB1124


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