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How To Measure Your Window For The Perfect Roller blind

Please Watch This video Which Shows You How To Measure Your Window For The Perfect Roller Blind



Measure the window in 3  places and provide the smallest measurement in mm for both width and the drop.

Inside or outside the recess,   When a window is not flush to the wall, there is a recess which is created. This internal space in a room is rarely used during the day, unless the sill of the window is put to some use. Therefore, hanging a blind outside of the recess usually causes no problem in terms of lost space, but fitting inside will make the blind nearer to the window.

When deciding on mounting inside or outside recess, ensure that there are no obtruding objects (window catches, electrical sockets, tiles etc.) to hinder the operation of the blind.


when you give us your measurements, we deduct 35mm from the width measurement to ensure the blind with the controls and brackets will fit the recess.



Ensure the blind overlaps on both sides to ensure efficient light blocking, especially for blackout fabric blinds.