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Art Fever

Evening Time At Dartmouth, Devon, Framed Mounted Print - FP2

Evening Time At Dartmouth, Devon, Framed Mounted Print - FP2

Frame Colour

Beautiful images transformed into a framed mounted print. Add style and individuality to your walls with an Art Fever framed print. 


The sizes listed are in inches and displays the print size followed by the overall width and height.

12" x 8" print size - Overall Size when complete 17" x 13" approx

24" x 16" print size - Overall Size when complete 29.25" x 21" approx

30" x 20" print size - Overall Size when complete 35" x 25.25" approx


All of our framed prints are available in three frames:




The print will be mounted by a 3.5cm wide white mount and finished with ClearView™ PlexiGlass - Crystal clear and shatterproof,Plexiglas is the modern clean & safe alternative to traditional glass glazing.

PRINT INFO: All of our prints are printed onto 280GSM semi Gloss photo paper printed using a Canon IPF9400 wide format printer.


If you would like a different size please get in touch and we can give you a quote.


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How to Measure




Measure the full width and height of the recess and we will make the appropriate deductions to ensure a perfect fit

Measure the width of the inside recess of the window at the top in cm and make a note of this measurement, do the same for the drop/height and enter these measurements in the order form above.

IMPORTANTDon’t make any deductions, we’ll deduct from the width to ensure your blind fits perfectly

For example, if your inside recess is 100cm wide, we will make the blind material to 96.5cm wide and then once the end fittings are applied the overall width will then be 100cm wide.



Measure the full width and height of the recess and then add a little extra to the top and to each side, we will make the blind to the size you specify with no deductions.

To minimize light sneaking through we recommend that the blind overlaps the window recess by at least 7cm so add this to your measurement.

For example, if your measurement is 100cm wide, we will make the blind material to 100cm wide and then once the end fittings are applied the overall width will then be 103.5cm wide.

How to Install

Please watch this video which shows you how to install one of our roller blinds in 5 easy steps





Our blackout material is designed for areas where a high level of light exclusion is required. This flame retardant fibreglass composition combines a PVC coating for easy clean which ensures this material is suitable for almost all applications.

This material contains Biosafe® which is the international standard of our proven antimicrobial formula that has been tested under the most stringent measures to ensure effective inhibiting of infection.

This material can be wiped down which makes it suitable for bathrooms and kitchens

Material Composition: 4-ply; 75% PVC, 25% Fibreglass

Fire Retardant: ✔

Shading: Blackout. Suitable for computer enviroments

Moisture Resistance: Suitable for most conditions

Anti Bacterial: Incorporates Biosafe® formula


Our translucent fabric is printed using water based inks and has the feel of a finely textured canvas fabric similar to the ones used to create canvas photo prints. Our translucent blinds do let light through them and due to this feature the print will be slightly less vivid when the light hits through but you cannot see through the material.

This material can be wiped down which makes it suitable for bathrooms and kitchens.

Features: Tearproof, Fire Retardant.

Fitting Type

Recess or outside recess fitting?

When a window is not flush to the wall, there is a recess which is created. This internal space in a room is rarely used during the day, unless the sill of the window is put to some use. Therefore, hanging a blind outside of the recess usually causes no problem in terms of lost space, but fitting inside will make the blind nearer to the window.

When deciding on mounting inside or outside recess, ensure that there are no obtruding objects (window catches, electrical sockets, tiles etc.) to hinder the operation of the blind.

What we do


For an inside recess fit we deduct 35mm from the width measurement you provide us to ensure that the blind with the controls and brackets will fit the into the recess of your window.

Remember the actual fabric of the blind will be about 35mm narrower than the measurements you give us.

For example, if your inside recess is 100cm wide, we will make the blind material to 96.5cm wide and then once the end fittings are applied the overall width will then be 100cm wide.


You may not have a recessed window or for blackout purposes you may want to cover the entire window space or even for display purposes the blind might not even be fitted onto a window. In these cases this is the option to select.

The blind material will be made exactly to the sizes you give to us. 

For example, if your measurement is 100cm wide, we will make the blind material to 100cm wide and then once the end fittings are applied the overall width will then be 103.5cm wide.


Roll Type




The blind can either roll from behind the roller or over the front of the roller. Typically, roller blinds are positioned so that the blind rolls from behind the top roller, especially for inside recess fit blinds so that they are as close to the window as possible.

However, if you have objects that protrude from the window, you may decide to roll the blind over the roller. This way, the blind will not be obstructed when it is pulled down over the window.


Remote Control

Powershade Remot

Remote Controlled Blinds is a MUST have for your home. Powershade is a motorised blind system. The blinds are controlled by a remote control allowing you to be able to put your blinds up or down with no cords or chains and more importantly no hassle and no need for an electrician  which makes it so much easier and smarter. you can also work 2 or more blinds from the 1 hand set if requested,  These are available to buy with any printed roller blind that you purchase. 

The motor is housed inside the top roller tube making for a neat system.  the motor is a rechargeable lithium ion battery and charging time is around 2 hours, this should last up to 5 months.  

If you decide to purchase one of our blinds with the remote control option then the printed roller blind will come fully assembled with the motorised mechanism so there is no need to worry about assembling it.

You will receive one controller and one charger, once the blind stops responding to the controller, simply charge the motor up by plugging the charger into the side of the blind (You don't need to remove the blind to do this) and the blind is good to go, with normal use it will last around 5 months before needing to be charged up.

  • 1 x Remote
  • 1 x Pre installed motorised mechanism
  • 1 x Charger (for remote)
  • Ready to be used
  • No Pull Cord
  • Easy to Use
  • No installation of motors etc, everything comes already installed into the blind ready to go
  • Last approx 5 months before the motor needs charging.


 Below is a short Video Of A Remote Control Blind In Use



Pull Cord


We have two options to choose from when ordering your blind with a pull cord. 

Our deluxe metal chain (nickel plated) in silver or our plastic white chain.

The deluxe metal chain is an additional £5


All of our items are sent through DHL and for all UK orders we use a next day delivery service so once your order has been sent out from us it will be delivered to you the following day (week day only)

Everything is made to order so we are currently working towards a 7 day turnaround from receiving the order to send it out with the delivery company


UK Mainland delivery is currently £4.99 with a 1-2 day delivery service (does not include manufacturing time)
Highlands & Isles rates vary and do not apply for the £4.99 delivery fee for UK Mainland so please get in touch as there will be a delivery charge based on address . 2-5 day delivery service (does not include manufacturing time)

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