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Tips for basement flats

Posted by John Siggers on

In these days of crowded cities, and lack of larger accommodation, more people are having to think about living in basement flats.   They are considered by many to be dark and gloomy. Perhaps this is because many are old Georgian and Victorian houses where they were used as quarters for servants working for the wealthy owners living upstairs. But basements are good value for money. If your ambitions are way above your income, then a basement may be the only way to get a foothold into a desirable area.

Developers now recognize that in upmarket areas of London and Manchester and other expensive parts of the UK, buying moderately priced basement apartments can easily be converted to living space. Although you can decorate these rooms to a high standard internally, what can be lacking is a stunning view

What occupants are now turning to are clever illusion window wall murals, shaped to the size of a window they give the impression you are looking out onto beautiful views of sandy beaches, Sidney operhouse or well known city landmarks

Designed by Art fever in the UK, they are made from self-adhesive wall paper, so installation is easy with no need for messy Wall paper paste.  They come in various window sizes and colour of frame. You can have a selection of views to look out to.

Putting up the self adhesive wall paper is a very easy process and needs no decorating skills.  When you receive your mural, first you roll it out and let it lay flat for around half an hour before you stick it up.   Make sure the wall you are applying it to is clean, dry, grease and dust free.  Certain unpainted drywalls, bricks, cinder blocks and porous textured panelling  are not recommended as well as sticking your mural over wall paper  as this makes it difficult to remove and will leave parts of the wall covering  on the sticky surface.  Start by peeling the top and apply it to the wall smoothing it down as you go, you may need a helping hand depending on its size. Artfever materials can be removed and re-stuck so if you get it wrong, carefully remove it and reposition it. Once it is fully stuck to the wall lightly rub over with a clean cloth, so it’s smooth and bubble free.

Alternatively if you feel a bit more adventurous, why not buy a large wall mural that looks like a picture window looking out onto city, they are easy to put up and are made in the same self-adhesive wall paper material, but come in 61cm strips  and can be as large as 244 x 163 cm and make a real feature of a bare wall.

Decorating has moved on a long way in recent times with the advent of high spec materials, picture imagery and the arrival of large format printers, so it’s very easy and quick to transform a plain wall into something stunning with an added talking point for visitors.

Window Murals

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